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   According to Dr. Kumar Pati, President & CEO of Best Nutrition Products, Hayward, USA, Safed Musli is a very valuable gift from the Mother Nature. When I was a small, growing child, my grand father, Kaviraj Jadunath Satapathy in Orissa, India, used to show me this white root and used to tell me good things about Safed Musli. He would tell me it is a white live worm, which grows as an underground root. Again he told me, it is "Gaichira" (in Oriya language) and if I would drink it, I would not need my motherís milk. It would provide power and energy to men and women who are physically weak.

   Gradually, I came to know about this miracle root when I studied Ayurvedic medicine. It is being used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines, and has been for centuries, in India and the Indian subcontinent.

Safed Musli

Root extract is an ayurvedic aphrodisiac, nutritive tonic for lactating mother. It is a rejuvenative tonic for men and women.

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